Meetings Likes

The policies and applications of meetings to be considered for ‘EGS Likes’:

1. The optimum time for application is preferably at least 3 months prior to the meeting (minimum 8 weeks).

2. The EGS Secretary requests the program, to be then mailed to the EGS Officers & PPC Chair and mails simultaneously the EGS policy to the organizer / requester:
    After the EGS ExCo approval of the program, the meeting info 'EGS Likes’ will be posted to the EGS website with the logo, meeting date and link to the meeting site / program.
  • EGS will not send direct mailing to the EGS members.
  • EGS will not advertise the 'EGS Likes’ meeting in the EGS Newsletter.
  • The EGS Secretary mails the EGS logo to be included in the program and promotional materials of 'EGS Likes’ meeting.
  • Kindly note, however, that the EGS logo is not allowed to be posted to any commercial activity, e.g. lunch symposia or similar events.

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No meetings present.

Past meetings

23rd International Glaucoma Congress (Athens, Greece, 06/04/2017 - 08/04/2017)

April 6-8 2017, Athens, Greece, "Grande Bretagne" Hotel


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GOA Glaucoma 2017 (Genoa, Italy, 31/03/2017)

31 March - 1 April 2017, Genoa

President: Carlo Enrico Traverso
Course Director: Michele Iester

Augusto Azuara-Bianco - UK
Andrei Brezhnev - Russian Federation
Alain Bron - France
Paolo Brusini - Italy
Stefano Gandolfi - Italy
David Garway-Heath - UK
Roger Hitchings - UK
Ingrida Januleviciene - Lithuania
Gianluca Manni - Italy
Giorgio Marchini - Italy
Enrico Martini - Italy
Stefano Miglior - Italy
Francesco Oddone - Italy
Andrea Perdicchi - Italy
Ingeborg Stalmans - Belgium
Gordana Sunaric-Mégevand - Switzerland
Carlo Enrico Traverso - Italy
Anja Tuulonen - Finland
Maurizio Uva - Italy


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