EGS Members' Meeting 2019
August 30, 2019 - August 31, 2019

EGS Members' Meeting 2019

The European Glaucoma Society held its Members’ Meeting on the 30th-31st August. This joint meeting with the American Glaucoma Society gathered more than 170 delegates from both sides of the Atlantic at the Palace de la Bourse in Bordeaux, France. Preceded by the Next Generation Partnership (NGP) day, this event saw the gathering of all generations of EGS members to address two main themes: “Insights into Glaucoma Pathogenesis through New Diagnostic Methods” and “Transforming Glaucoma Care: Power and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence”.

Using an interactive format for active discussion, leading researchers explored the challenges opportunities and caveats of the new frontiers in diagnosis, ranging from imaging and genetics to artificial intelligence. Merging high-quality scientific discussion with the friendly feeling of EGS’ members’ meetings, this meeting showcased the tools that will hopefully help achieve the EGS vision.

Luis Abegão Pinto

The second Next Generation Partnership (NGP) day was held on the 29th of August prior to the EGS Members' Meeting in Bordeaux. The programme included parts of the NGP personal development and leadership programme, this year focusing on presentation skills.

Workshops discussing future projects and ideas for NGPs as well as raising standards in glaucoma care across Europe were organised during the day. The meeting was well received and attended by almost 50 NGPs that were engaged in lively and fruitful discussions throughout the workshops, The high energy level and proactive atmosphere during the meeting bodes well for the future.

Gauti Johannesson


Bordeaux, France

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