Beware of acute corneal oedema after SLT in selected patients
March 14, 2024

Beware of acute corneal oedema after SLT in selected patients

The Science behind the Tip

The increase in the practice of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) has brought attention to rare side effects such as acute corneal oedema without associated intraocular pressure (IOP) spike. Very few cases have been documented, therefore it is difficult to establish potential associations. Most of the reported cases present as a complication within the first day to a week post-SLT (1- 5). The cases documented so far involved caucasian woman of medium age with myopic eyes. (1,4,5). Long-term steroid therapy usually resolves most cases, but residual subepithelial scarring may persist as well as corneal thinning evidenced by pachymetry (4,5). This corneal thinning seems to coexist with a flattening that results in an early hyperopic shift (1,4,5). It tends to revert to pre-laser values over subsequent months, even though central haze might remain (1). The mechanism behind this phenomenon remains unknown. The proposed hypotheses include suspected HSV reactivation (4), pre-existing corneal ectasia (1), abnormal corneal tissue response to inflammatory mediators released after SLT (1,3,4) or direct laser impact on the cornea (1).


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Contributors: *Luisa Castro-Roger MD MSc, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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