Concomitant therapy with Cosopt® and Diamox® is not useful
March 31, 2008

Concomitant therapy with Cosopt® and Diamox® is not useful

The Science behind the Tip

Although the ß-blocker timolol and the topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitor (CAI) dorzolamide both act by decreased aqueous humour production, they are almost completely additive in their effects on aqueous humour flow(1). Thus, the combination product Cosopt? has a powerful intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effect of 32.7% at peak moment (i.e. time of maximal drug effect, 2 hours after drug application)(2). Similar effects on aqueous humour flow and IOP were observed in the 1980s with timolol and the oral CAI acetazolamide (Diamox?) taken together(3).

When a maximal IOP lowering effect is needed, it can be useful to switch from Cosopt® to + a topical ß-blocker. Diamox? is more effective as a suppressor of aqueous humour flow than dorzolamide(4-6) and dorzolamide has no additive effects in subjects already taking Diamox?(4,7).

Contributor: Ann Hoste, Antwerp
Co-editors: John Thygesen and Ann Hoste
Peer reviewers: Roger Hitchings and Anders Heijl


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Tip Reviewer: Roger Hitchings
Tip Editors: Ann Hoste, John Salmon and John Thygesen