Tip: Not every peripapillary hemorrhage is a sign for glaucoma
June 16, 2024

Tip: Not every peripapillary hemorrhage is a sign for glaucoma

The Science behind the Tip

Most of the time, disc hemorrhages in patients with glaucoma are related to the disease itself. Although the strong association between disc hemorrhage and open-angle glaucoma (especially low-pressure glaucoma) was confirmed, most disc hemorrhages (70%),(1) were observed in participants without clear signs of glaucoma. This highlights the importance of identifying glaucomatous disc signs alongside a disc hemorrhage to accurately attribute the hemorrhage to glaucoma (1). “Glaucomatous” disc hemorrhages are usually flame-shaped and located adjacent to an area of a retinal nerve fiber layer defect. Frequently they are inferiorly in association with a notch. However, when the disc hemorrhage isn’t flame-shaped, is broader or not related to a specific RNFL defect, we must consider other causes (2,3,4). Non-glaucomatous disc hemorrhages can be linked to different conditions such as cardiovascular disease or a posterior vitreous detachment. A thorough anamnesis of the patient, including the patients’ medication, and the associated retinal findings must be considered, for example if the patient describes a new onset of floaters or has a history of migraines (5).


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Contributors: Omar Hommayda MD FEBO, Rapperswil, Switzerland

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