Hypotony-related complications, not numerical hypotony, should alarm the clinician
May 31, 2022

Hypotony-related complications, not numerical hypotony, should alarm the clinician

Chronic hypotony, defined as a pressure of ≤5 mmHg for >3 months, may occur after glaucoma surgery (1,2). Despite being traditionally regarded as a criterion for failure in clinical studies, chronic hypotony causes vision loss in a minority of patients (1).

Hypotony complications, such as macular folds and choroidals, may threaten the vision. Risk factors for developing hypotony complications include young age, male gender, high myopia, and previous vitreoretinal surgery (3-5). In predisposed eyes, hypotony complications may occur even in the absence of numerical hypotony, suggesting that numerical hypotony is not sufficient nor necessary to develop complications (5).

While chronic hypotony does not mean clinical failure per se, hypotony complications may lead to poor outcomes.

Contributor: Alessandro Rabiolo, MD FEBO,Glaucoma Fellow, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

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